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"Born to" Free write friday!

wpid-free-write-friday-kellie-elmore.jpg Late as usual! Well here I am on Thursday posting for free write FRIDAY, lol. I had to go out of town last week and then came straight back to work so my time has been non-existent. But I'm back! I hope you enjoy this, it's from this prompt. I didn't use the last line of a book though, I used the last line to a poem by Sarah Kay called "The Type" which is a brilliant poem in my opinion so make sure you go check it out! Thank you for reading <3

Born to

You were born to build. Bridges birthed from your tongue, safe houses founded on the open land of your heart, trust seeded in your soul soil.

Strength in your vertebrae that don't break brittle under the steps of the ungrateful.

You, you were born to build. Yet you burn, tear, rip until all is fallen. And you wonder, actually have audacity to wonder why you stand alone.

Do not. Do not stand alone. Brick and stone and wood run through your veins. I said brick and stone and wood run through your veins, You. were born. to build.

Thanks again for reading! Make sure you check out Sarah and follow me on twitter if you haven't already to keep up with all the latest @talichaj :)