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Free Write Friday! (Look! I'm on time)

wpid-free-write-friday-kellie-elmore.jpg As usual, Kellie gave in interesting prompt. This one was intriguing to me because I had to dig down deep to see if any other gift stood out or meant as much to me as a child as the one I wrote about did. But no. This was the one.  What's that you say? Oh, yeah, I know I AM on time this week! Unlike last week (whoops!) I actually sat down and did this one as soon as I saw the link. If you missed my poem for the last prompt, no worries, I'll link it below! For now enjoy my yet to be titled attempt:

It was right before Christmas in 1990-something when my mother and I were in Kmart (a rare outing as it was far and we had no car) when I saw her. Missy.

In all the glory a stuffed bear could possess she sat atop the shelf and I knew I had to have her, but no, my mother said, we must get what we came for so she pulled me off to the aisles of necessity while I looked longingly back at the shelf.

Fast forward to Christmas day where, you guessed it, Missy sat displayed beneath the fireplace! And sure, she was just a stuffed animal but when you're young you latch on to these things.

Everything I did, I did with her in tow, well, not everything. I mean I definitely never took her outside to play because I didn't think my real friends would accept her, I mean, come on, we were in elementary school by now for goodness sake! But I'd always be eager to come home to her, tell her about my day, squeeze her during the exciting, or scary or adventurous parts of the movie or tv show I was watching, drag her from the couch to the bed with me, tucking her between the fuzzed care bare sheets beside me.

It's funny, how attached I was then to something that could not attach itself to me...

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Thanks for reading my contribution to the prompt. I think I'd like to work on this in the future as I think I could definitely write this better. But for now, as the title suggests, it remains a FREE write, just writing with freedom and abandonment.