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Free Write Friday!

The prompt wordbank: cocoa, foiliage, wicker, Amber, sweater, aroma The attempt:

I am sipping warm cocoa on the white swing that hangs from chains on the wrap around porch. Yes, it is the country, with a lake for a view and bugs for days that freaked me out at first but eventually became the norm. You know, I am a city girl at heart but we have made this wooded land our home. Look there, do you see it? Just beyond the gravelled drive, past the battered mailbox you were supposed to fix three months ago, it's the tree we nicknamed Boss for its overbearing size and the way it seemed to command the whole of the land. Watch with me love, the way the golden leaves float down to rest upon a bed of drying foliage at its base. Feel the way the wind tickles them and hear the way they rustle about in response. How many times have we sat here, how many years have we we let the aroma of the damp lake mixed with the sweet scent of what's left at the bottom of our cups wash over us? Not enough yet. I pull the Amber hued sweater, the one you gave me as a just-because gift many falls ago, tighter around me as the wind starts to chill going into the night hours. I place my emptied mug onto the faded wicker table beside me and in exchange lift up the worn leather notebook we've shared for years, with both our handwriting consuming its space. I flip to the last page you filled and let your words warm me the way your touch, smile and laughter had. Your poetry falls from my lips and as I speak it the wind goes still, the lake becomes silent, the leaves settle in. That's how I know you are here with me. I pick up my pen and write you one last poem in our book, my best one yet, and I know you are feeling every word of it.

hope you guys enjoyed my story. It started as a poem and ended as this. Many thanks to Kellie Elmore for the great prompt. See you guys again next free write Friday!