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Poem of the week: Safia Elhillo & Jamaica Osorio

So I have been reading so much poetry and tons of stories lately that I was having a hard time sitting down to find a poem to feature because after a while everything seemed to be the same. My brain refused to comprehend anything so I took to YouTube to listen to some poetry instead. I heard some pretty good poems but nothing stood out until I heard this. What I learned in the fire


This poem is riddled with metaphors that you see continuously but the subtle changes that have been made are brilliant. Yes it's the same comparison over and over and yet it holds such a different meaning each time. And the song, just, wow. That melody carried the poem through effortlessly. It was the perfect fit. I literally wrote out some of my favorites in my poetry notebook and hope to be inspired by them. Here's just a few that I've loved from this:

"Love is a house...My body trickles in through the floorboards, love is the carpet I've ruined."

"Love is just something to do until the war starts."

Love started the fire, my body is everything that happened after."

Hope you guys enjoyed the poem of the week!