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Poem(s) of the week! Maze & Swan

powbig What's that you say? Oh, yeah I know I didn't post a p.o.w. last week but I promise this week's selection will more than make up for it. This week I came across a video that pleased me beyond words, it was of the powerful words of CP Maze and his beautiful wife Blk Swan. If you guys have enjoyed my poetry, spoken word videos and recordings then you have to thank these two because they were the first of my lovely poetry family in Charlotte, NC  that took me under their wings in 2009 when I initially began going to open mic nights. Over time they both became huge supporters, motivators and pushers for my growth as a writer and performer. So when I happened upon this performance of the two I was beyond ecstatic to share it with you guys. You guys are getting not one but TWO awesome pieces from them in this video. The first is a poem that I have heard about one hundred times but never grow tired of it (however, I can't remember the title...oops) and after that they actually freestyle a whole piece (which is phenomenal). So I hope you guys enjoy!


By the way, the two recently welcomed two adorable baby boys into their family!