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Poem of the week! Jess "Physicality"

pow2Happy November! I hope you guys enjoyed all the "poem of the week" features in October as much as I did! This month is going to keep that momentum going and I've got a great poem to kick us off! This week we're going to read "Physicality" by Jess! I came across the work of Jess last week while reading through the poetry tag here on wordpress and I was drawn in by the honesty in her writing. I love finding poets that just capture my attention and reignite my passion for reading because I'll let you guys in on a little secret; I'm not a huge fan of reading poetry. If you haven't noticed a lot of the featured poems tend to be spoken word videos, but not today, today I've found a writer that makes me want to read!

Read Physicality by Jess!

Make sure you guys comment on her poem to let her know what you think! Also check her out on twitter @jessibabix33 and follow me as well @talichaj so you don't miss next weeks p.o.w.!