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Love and Riding Bikes

larb Letting go of love is a lot like that moment you learn how to ride a bike on your own; The whole time, someone else has been there right beside you helping and supporting you, and isn’t that an essential part of love? The support I mean.

And you feel different because you have them there, more assured and confident. Just the thought of them not being there is terrifying and absolutely impossible to imagine. You know without any doubt that they are necessary to maintain your balance and peace of mind, you believe that it’s the two of you together that enables you to be so brave and successful. Thing is, you’re only fooling yourself because they let go a long time ago, and it’s just been you, holding your on self up and moving your own self forward.

You’ll wobble for a bit at first when you realize they are not going to be there when you look back, fear will make you believe the most absurd things sometimes, it makes you believe that you would not stay steady on your on, that you will not gain speed and become comfortable taking the lead by your self; Fear is a liar

Letting go of love feels like that moment when I realized I was pedaling on my own, doing something for myself. And yes, it was scary, I zigged and zagged and wobbled, but I never fell. I supported my self, and I think that’s an essential part of the best love, of self love.

I hope you guys enjoyed this new poem! I may record it later since you guys seem to like the spoken word pieces I do. Thanks for reading! Check back for more or you can follow me on twitter @talichaj where I post all updates! 

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