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How YOU can help the Philippines and have fun simultaneously!

You may have been wondering what you can do to help since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines this month, and boy, do I have an answer for you! My kindhearted friend Diana has put a lot of hard work and effort into coordinating an auction that allows people like you and me the opportunity to bid on donated baked goods, gift cards, autographed books and more! The best part is that ALL the proceeds go to either the American Red Cross or World Food Programme to help the people of the Philippines! There’s tons of awesome (and delicious) items up for grabs! You find the one you want and you bid on it. It’s that easy! Okay, well, there’s a bit more to it than that but really, it’s easy and it’s worth it. Make sure you keep an eye out on your desired item though if you really want it because chances are someone else is going to want it too! Remember it’s for a good cause so don’t be afraid to really dig your nails into the item you’ve chosen, keep raising those stakes so that the victims of this tragic ordeal can get the food and supplies they need to heal, rebuild and live again.

You may be thinking:

This sounds cool, but how does it all work?

The lovely Diana has created individual pages for each item that’s up for bid. (Yes, she put in work!). You simply take a gander at the list of items provided and then click on that items view/bid link to go to it's personalized page. Next, you check to see what the highest bid placed currently is in the comments section and you simply bid higher than that one. It’s that easy to bid!

How do I know if I won?

Once the auction has ended Diana will email the winners!

What’s the time frame?

It’s a 24 hour auction starting promptly at 9pm est on Thursday, November 21st (today) and ending at 9pm est on Friday, November 22nd (tomorrow). You have up to 24 hours after being contacted by Diana to make your donation.

Are you sure my money is really going to one of these organizations?

Of course! You know how I know? Because YOU are actually going to make the donation directly to one of the two organizations selected. That’s right, once you’ve bid the highest and you get to sit on that mountaintop of glory that will be made of delicious baked goods, you’ll head over to the American Red Cross or World Food Programme website and donate the amount you bid!

I hope you all will head straight over at 9pm est and find an item that begs to be yours. Bid your hearts out, open those wallets and let the gift of giving flow forth! (Okay that was a bit cheesy but you know what? It’s the holiday season which is what cheesy was made for so deal with it!). Make sure you share the link to the auction. Spread the word, tell everyone you can because they probably want to help also but don’t know where to start. Tweet about this auction, Facebook status the heck out of it, Instgram sefie your I’m-super-excited-about-being-a-giving-caring-person-face-#nofilter, vine yourself spazzing out about all the cool auction items if you have to, just spread the word!

All the information in this post and then tons more (like all the goodies up for bid) can be found on Diana's website here!

Don’t forget to thank Diana for all her hard work and kick-butt organization skills! And of course thank all the people who donated their goods and services to make this auction the huge success I know it will be!