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Free Write Friday!

Life likes to wear you down from time to time Pokes you in the open wounds it provided on its last attempt at breaking you It will rub you raw and leave you to tend to the healing on your own

I have been there I have witnessed the brutality There were so many times I only sought release without care of consequences

To give in and give up were life preservers Floating just within fingertips reach It is nearly impossible to resist saving yourself when you are not suicidal So how do you go against everything and hold out just. a little. longer?

They say patience is a virtue They say you are never given more than you can bear They say a lot of things that only mean what they mean but do not do anything for you when you need them to.

How do you hold on? When everything is slippery Or burning, Or biting, How do you hold on?

I guess you just do. I guess you just do not give in I guess you just do not give up I guess you just keep holding on to the hope that in just a little while it will all be better...

Hi there! I haven't done a free write friday in a LONG while now, it feels good to be back! I attempted to write something for this last night but I was trying too hard and nothing would come so I let it go. Then this morning I saw a tweet from Kellie Elmore with the link and decided to give it another shot. It isn't perfect but that's what I love about free writing. You just let go and say whatever comes to mind. Thanks for reading! 

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