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Like you mean it

Touch me like you mean it,Like you don’t believe I am barbed wire skin Or electric fence flesh. Do it like you want to, Better yet, just want to.

Press your palms against the softness of my hips, Allow your fingers to sink into the way I curve And do not be afraid of losing yourself within me. Why do you always seem so afraid of losing yourself within me?

Your eyes fleet, hands swift, You move so tentatively Your touch could be a fallen eyelash on my cheek It could be a whisper in my ear after I’ve already drifted to sleep.

Touch me like you want to set my insides on fire, Like your fingertips are shots of whiskey, Warm me until all I feel is good

Do not be afraid, I am not fragile I will not break, I am built to bear your weight, I crave the pressure of you pressing So do not be hesitant

Touch me like you mean it Like you want to Like you want me Or don’t touch me at all…

Not sure if this poem is finished yet but I wanted to share what I wrote the other day. Hope you guys enjoy!