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Free Write Friday! Already

The prompt:

The attempt:

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So what if I should have? I didn't. It's done.

Time is not patient Life is not forgiving And both are always running out too soon

I won’t waste my worries on the past Or at least I’ll say I won’t And I’ll try but if I don’t, who cares?

What-if’s and should-have’s Are only pre-requisites for regret And I don’t want too many of those to look back on

We are all our own hourglass With tiny grains of sand for seconds That still fall through even when we aren’t watching

We are not allowed to pick any of those pieces up And move them back to the side that gives We can only let them go, watch them settle but not change them

That, that is what life is right? Decisions; sand grains that are heavy if you could hold them Actions and thoughts that may be right or wrong but are still ours

Every moment in life is a potential what if A should have. A could of. A maybe.

Every moment in life lived is also an already.

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday! This is the last FWF of the year, can you believe it!??! A huge thank you goes to the talented Kellie Elmore for giving us such awesome content to use for inspiration. I hope next year is full of tons more motivation for us all! Thanks for reading/listening. I can't wait to see what comes next for us all!