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Poem of the week!

pow2 Welcome back to p.o.w.!!! I hope everyone is off to a great start to the new year! I'm excited about the poem I am sharing with you all this week, it's by the talented Denice Frohman. You may remember that she was the poem of the week feature last summer in this post. She recently released her debut poetry album Feels Like Home (which is amazing by the way) and has shared a video of one of my favorite poems from it: "Accents". I think you will enjoy her spirit as much as I do, she has such amazing stage presence and a real gift for bringing her words to life. Enjoy!


Make sure you let Denice know how much you love her work, leave her a comment on her youtube channel and don't forget to subscribe so you can keep up with all her uploads! You can also find her on twitter @denicefrohman!

Poem of the week is posted every Thursday! If you want your poetry featured or have come across a great poem that needs to be shared feel free to submit it here