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Poem of the week! Joshua Bennett "Dear Stevie"

pow2 Happy Thursday! (okay, I know it's Saturday but just suspend your disbelief for a minute because I forget to publish this on the real Thursday)

This week the p.o.w. comes from an awesome poet named Joshua Bennett. I stumbled upon this poem while on a YouTube search for greatness and I found it. I love the vibe of his poem "Dear Stevie" and I believe it is a beautiful dedication to Joshua's father. There are some really dope lines in this poem and I think you guys will agree with me that this is definitely poem of the week material! Enjoy!


You can follow Joshua on twitter: @sirjoshbennett be sure to let him know how much you enjoyed his poem and be sure to check out more of his work which you can find here: JoshuaBennettThePoet.