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FWF/NaPoWriMo "Edge"

everyone is always so afraid of getting too close to the edge

afraid of what happens when you go "too far".

what happens when you go too far?


the mind is a mighty labyrinth

so easy to get lost inside.

do you ever get lost inside?


the mind is a matrix

always giving something new to those who explore it.

what if you don't like what you find?


the edge sounds sharp

sounds like jutting, protruding, impending.

why can't it be soft, melting, safe?


sometimes the edge is only there to be left behind

to be dove off of, leaped from

why is everyone so afraid of getting too close to it?


Don't you know it's okay too get to close to it sometimes?


Happy Free Write Friday! I'm still figuring out this poem. Thanks to Kellie Elmore for the prompt! I hope you are having a great weekend!