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"I Want To Be Evil"-Eartha Kitt

"If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?" I really think it would be enjoyable to sit down with the one and only Eartha Kitt.

earthaI've read some articles and watched a few interviews and music videos of the late Ms. Kitt and I have undoubtedly been pulled in by her charm. She seems to have been a force when it came to speaking her mind and I think we could use more women like her. I know I could benefit from being more vocal about certain situations.

This is one of my favorite Eartha Kitt moments:


I love Kitt's energy and how unafraid she is of looking a bit crazy because that's what the character calls for in this song. I often find myself thinking of this video, of the lyrics and understanding all too much the meaning of it. Or at least the meaning I glean from it. Sometimes you don't want to be so inside the box and exactly what you are supposed to be (which is nice and in line). And this song attests to that, it speaks up and says (in an absolutely wonderfully exaggerated and fun way) that it's okay to want to be something other than "good" or "sweet" sometimes. It's okay to make your own lines.

You can read more about my thoughts on being "sweet" in a past post called Braving Up. Anyway, I just felt like sharing one of my favorite Kitt videos with you guys, I hope you enjoyed it!