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NaPoWriMo Day 5! Look How Strong I Am

Whew, five days in and still churning out more poems! I hope you guys are enjoying this years national poetry writing month as much as I am. Today I wrote a poem based off of this prompt by Megan Falley. We were to convince someone to stay for whatever reason. I wasn't sure what was going to come out of it since there isn't currently someone in the process of leaving me right now. But as many of us surely has experienced, I went through a tough breakup in the past and I channeled those thoughts and emotions while writing this. I think that asking someone to stay/being asked to stay is a hard thing to deal with because eventually you realize it was for the best that you/they don't. I hope you enjoy!


Look How Strong I Am

So my hands can stop shaking cracks into every glass I clutch.

So my bones will no longer offer themselves to the soil.

So the words please don't go can stop tearing holes in my throat.

So I can stop feeling like I'm in a dream, falling from the cliff of your kiss.

So I can say I am yours, I am loved.

So my legs can hold a whole body again.

So these teeth can stop finding rubies in the pulp of my lips.

So your name won't be a whip cracking against my spine.

So I can stop thinking of all the things you'll confiscate when you go.

So I don't have to take inventory of my laugh, my smile, how much trust is left.

So I don't spend every day imagining the noises of a settling building is your return.

So I can stop writing the apologies you'd owe.

So I can sleep through the storms, so I can stop being the thunder, the lightning, the cold, cold rain.

So my heart can be a calmed sea, a safe place for us gill-less to travel.

So I can say look how we have survived! We were almost two lungs of salt but stayed afloat.

So you can say loving you is hard, but I'm a better person for not giving up. Look how strong I am.

Stay, so we can both say look how strong I am. Even though neither one of us will actually be telling the truth.