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So I figured I'd go ahead and post my 30 poems in 30 days (30/30) poems here. Like last year, these will be up for a limited time. They may suck. They may rock. Who knows. Here goes! 


I am the coldest winter when I think of you,
the kind that burrows deep into bones

and does not melt away for weeks, 
even beneath the sun,

I am not day one fresh fallen, crisp air, 
beautiful either

I become tire tracked slush, 
deformed snowmen,

shiver, shiver, shiver.
And this is all your fault, you know

because winter has always been
my least favorite way to live

but when you left it was January,
there wasn't any snow then; I remember

how much you liked it, 
the way you'd clasp your hands together,

eyes wild, smile giddy
at the wonderland.

I wish I could have figured out how to be
this cold before you went away,

if only to have quieted the fever
that shrieked it's way through your body,

If only to see so much life in you again,
If only to have become numb a little bit sooner.