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When I respond to an insensitive Facebook post
by saying motivation-the ability to want something AND put in the work
to get it done-is a privilege, 
it doesn't even take five minutes for someone
to crop dust their privilege all over it.

How easy it is for someone who doesn't ever
get stuck to the bottom of life's shoe to say
"that each of us are born with the same gifts",
"that each of us can take action when we're ready to".
I have wanted many things that I could not muster up the energy
to take action for. I am struggle and disappointment,
I am start-no-finish some days, some months, some always.

For two days I laid in bed even though I had so much to do,
so many wants. And all because of an insensitive Facebook post
I have to now admit my depression to myself, goddamnit.
Now I have to write a poem about it, I have to teach this person how to not natural disaster
all over someone else's mental health, I have to teach them
that if they don't have anything helpful or encouraging to say
then they should just shut the fuck up.