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This is actually a found poem, which is a form I am trying to get into more and more. It's always fun seeing what you can make out of something that's already been done so well. The poem I used was Hate, a Love Poem by Amber Tamblyn from her book Bang Ditto (which is literally the first book of poems I ever read all the way through and it made me fall in love with poetry on the page). I don't know how much sense it will make to someone outside of my head but here goes:

relinquish the heartache.
think of the debt; grief.
notice the need to owe nothing.

your slot machine sad was a habit never broken. 
you're one truth I remember cheap,
ugly, scared. 

you, a threat to my infinity,
all-time heavy,
you noose my legs, insecurities, future. 

I'd sooner make you jealous lover.
you, Yard Sale Rummage
in my bargain racks.