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So after reading my friend Liv's poem from today I found the inspiration I needed to write something. She has this line that just packs a punch: "how comfortable they all look inside my no". So here's what I got out today.


permission is subjective
a suggestion
totally optional

no one really cares about the way we protest, how our no
sounds like um, i guess maybe if you keep doing what we asked you
not to do, we’ll probably change our minds.

no has been redefined as convince me
keep trying to break us,
don’t stop until you have worn us thin,

they think our no is just yes on a diet,
yes trying to be a little skinnier.
yes trimming it’s waistline for bikini season,

but it’s not, because yes is happy with their curves,
yes isn’t insecure about the weight they carry,
yes will suck the fat from your bones in the line-up,

by then they’ll be begging for the sound of our no, no, no,
but we have been taught that these words are interchangeable,
so we say what they had been asking for all along,

officer, yes, that’s the one,
yes them there, with my choice dripping from their claw
yes press all the damn charges.