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About the Poet 

Talicha Johnson is the author of Falling in Love with Picking Myself up. She was a member of the Respect Da Mic Slam team in 2010, and the Art Amok Slam Team in 2016 (currently ranked 6th in the Nation). Johnson has also competed at the Women of the World Poetry Slam and the Individual World Poetry Slam. Her work revolves heavily around body image, sexuality, racism, sexual violence, victim blaming/shaming, and most importantly it centers on self-awareness. Johnson is a nationally touring poet and her work has appeared in The Write Launch Germ Magazine, The Rising Phoenix Review, and The Legendary.

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About Falling in Love with Picking Myself up:


This collection of poems speaks with the soulful wisdom of Maya Angelou and echoes the energy and perspective of today's millennials. It’s poetry that moves you to think, inspires you to write, and offers a grounding encouragement the human spirit needs to smile.  “Amazing” is the word used to describe an incredible magic trick or a Beyonce concert, this collection is Beyonce doing the most amazing magic trick while singing and dancing. This book opens you up to Johnson's vulnerability while carefully exposing your own. The long and short of it all, this book is page to page courage and kick-ass! 
                                                            -Boris “bluz” Rogers, Emmy winning poet 

Falling in love with Picking Myself up is one of the most intense, diverse and enchanting books of poetry I've ever read. I was hooked at just the Table of Contents, which read almost as a poem. Talicha captures not only the heart of being black and woman in America, but also human. A great read you won't be able to put down.
                                                                                             -Tavis Brunson, Poet 

Falling in Love With Picking Myself Up is a courageous leap over a deep crevasse of lost love and self-love. It is a call to action intertwined with the kind of nostalgia that renames heartbreak as victory. Talicha manages to find words that are both edgy and polished, leaving you open and grateful; ready to at last love yourself. To remember "you should not make a god out of every beautiful thing that will let you pray to it".
                                                                                               -Jay Ward, Poet and Teaching Artist 

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