Talicha J. is the author of Falling in Love with Picking Myself up. She was a member of the Art Amok Slam Team in 2016, they ranked 6th in the nation that year. Johnson has also competed at the Women of the World Poetry Slam and the Individual World Poetry Slam. Her work revolves heavily around body image, sexuality, racism, sexual violence, victim blaming/shaming, and most importantly it centers on self-awareness. Johnson is a nationally touring poet.


Talicha J. strives to provide a body of work that is bold, brave, and vibrant. High value is placed upon being committed to promoting strength, elevating esteem, and fostering validation. Talicha J. delivers gritty art with integrity and incorporates authenticity at its foundation. Unity, equality, and feminism birthed the tagline, We are all in the making, in hopes of reminding others that the work we do is never done but always rewarding.  


To be regarded as an expert in the craft of poetry, becoming highly sought after for features, appearances and workshop opportunities. To be successful in producing and distributing inspirational merchandise with messages aimed at tackling body issues. Talicha J. would also like to one day run her own small press to publish the art she believes wholeheartedly in